Can we talk about Eleonas?

Eleonas flea market

Can we talk about Eleonas?” for Eleonas, Athens, is a work and play event that focuses on the flea market of Eleonas and its fleeting existence as scavengers’ unions face the risk of having to relocate the market once again in their long and bumpy history ever since their establishment. Our initiative will unfold in two phases: phase one, is programmed to take place in Summer 2020 in the form of an un-conference. We will begin by introducing new urban rituals that will help establish a common understanding and trust between local stakeholders. People from multiple domains will be called upon to contribute to an open discussion about the market’s future potential, while a series of communal events will regenerate a sense of belonging to a community. This process will settle the ground for phase two: the implementation of a design-built project for the market during Summer 2021.

More information on the event structure and participants will become available soon. So stay tuned!

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